Bogor, West Java, INA. 16116

Opening Speech

Assalaamu'alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokaatuhh

Alhamdulillahi Robbil 'alamin, thanks be to the presence of Allah SWT, prayers and greetings may be poured out upon His Majesty the Prophet Muhammad SAW. May His Taufiq and Hidayah accompany our daily activities. Amiin YRA.

It is hoped that the presence of the bina sejahtera 4 bogor vocational school Web can become a medium for getting know the Bina Sejahtera 4 Bogor Vocational School more closely. In this way, it is hoped that it will open the door to communication and friendship between the school as an educational institution, the general public and the government.

Bina Sejahtera 4 Vocational School Bogor, is present in synergy with the government to provide solutions for the realization of advanced and quality education. Education at Bina Sejahtera 4 Bogor Vocational School is carried out to create students with measurable cognitive abilities, affective values that can be put into practice and skills that are competent following their field by emphasizing a pattern of character education based on the importance of Islamic religious teachings.

With a continuous educational process, it is hoped that students will have sensitivity and concern for fellow humans, the nation and state, and the religion they adhere to.

The realization of independence in students, followed by noble morals, is the final goal in the educational process at Bina Sejahtera 4 Bogor Vocational School.

By emphasizing the motto: "Together We Can", the Educator Team at Bina Sejahtera 4 Bogor Vocational School is ready to welcome students to realize their hopes of becoming independent people with good morals so that we can move forward together to build the country of Indonesia that we love.

May Allah SWT gives His help and guidance to all of us. Amiin YRA

Assalaamu’alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokaatuh



"The realization of independent people with noble morals, who are industry-based, have an entrepreneurial spirit and environmentally conscious in 2028."


A. Realizing the qualities of individuals who are honest, responsible, independent and competitive
B. Carrying out education that is oriented towards the formation of noble character and morals through the application of the values of devotion to Allah SWT, love of others and love of the environment.
C. Carrying out a learning process based on aligning the business/industrial world curriculum so that it has competencies that suit the needs
D. Implementing a Life Skills Program that is tailored to your talents and abilities through entrepreneurship training.


SMK Bina Sejahtera 4 Goals :

1. To create students who are independent and have noble character, are productive and professional according to their field of expertise.
2. Formation of students with a sense of responsibility, discipline and concern for the social environment and their living environment.
3. Have entrepreneurial skills to do business independently and never give up.
4. Developing students by developing character, devotional values and competency skills so that they are beneficial for themselves and others.
5. Students who have foreign language skills will be able to adapt to global insight, be able to collaborate and be able to work together.
6. The education produced is graduates who match their talents and abilities, can work in the business/industrial world, can continue their education to tertiary level, or can become an entrepreneur.
7. The birth of change agent people who can make changes for the better in their environment.


SMK Bina Sejahtera 4 benar-benar mengagumkan. Saya sangat senang bisa bergabung dengan SMK Bina Sejahtera 4 dan menjadi siswa terbaik tahun 2016.


Mohammad RidwanSiswa Terbaik 2016

SMK Bina Sejahtera 4 benar-benar mengagumkan. Saya sangat senang bisa bergabung dengan SMK Bina Sejahtera 4 dan menjadi siswa terbaik tahun 2017.


Herdin kurniawanSiswa Terbaik 2017


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